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Hey, I'm Orcun! Based in Germany. 28 years old. I build handy iOS apps around my everyday life.

I'm a full stack app creator. I love going through the whole process: From the initial idea, to UX and UI drafts, to development.

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Apps I've Created

There are so many awesome apps out there! For example Bring!, a shopping list app that I use since 2012. Or the official Twitter App, which is seamlessly integrated into iOS and has a great UX.

But there are also niche areas out there. In my everyday life I find a lot of these niches which need better solutions. And creating great apps for niche areas is exactly what I do! I do this for fun, for a passive income and to try out new technologies.

Noa Early 2019

Breastfeeding Timer

Regular feeding of premature babies and newborns is very important. For the mother but especially for the beloved offspring.

Noa will assist you here. Both regular breastfeeding and feeding with bottle.

Since December 2018 I'm a proud new father! My wife and I couldn't find any good breastfeeding tracking app [Read the full story on my Twitter]. That's why I decided to build a very simple MVP in just a few hours: Noa is the result.


WORK Late 2017

Track Your Working Time

WORK is a minimalist app for working time tracking with a focus on fast data input. Suitable for employees, freelancers and anyone else who wants to keep an eye on their working hours.

The time tracking takes place with the help of the smart user guidance without occupying much time. As a result, the app can be integrated into the daily work without disturbing it. For example changing the current task happens with 3 or less taps.

I created WORK because I have searched myself for a simple tool to track my working time. All apps I tried were to complicated. Too many options and complicated user flows. I wanted an app that is as easy to use as possible.


Wedding Planner Early 2017

Plan Your Dream Wedding

Plan your dream wedding with my smart app. So that the big day will be perfect!

With my wedding planner you can plan everything for your wedding. Organize your open tasks, keep track of your guests and manage the budget planning.

I married the love of my life in November 2016. For the planning of the wedding, we tried several apps and finally used a spreadsheet because none of the tools could really help us. That's why I've made it my mission to develop a simple but good helper.

Wedding Planner

Altus Mid 2016

Explore the World

Explore the world of altitudes with Altus! Altus is an altimeter which shows you your altitude and lets you discover the world above and below you.

Find the highest cities and mountains on earth. Explore some interesting places below sea level. Which city is the highest and which place on earth’s surface is the deepest? Even the distances to the most interesting stations in outer space are listed.

To be honest, I just developed Altus to build an app with a lovely user interface 😁


Pilly! 2 Late 2015

Smart Pill Reminder

Pilly! is the most elegant pill reminder on the App Store. The intuitive user interface and powerful features will let you never forget the pill again.

Pilly! helps you to manage the pill in your menstrual cycle. You are getting reliably reminded to take your pill while always having an overview of your whole cycle. Thanks to the intelligent navigation you can easily switch through the days of cycle and enter notes, your personal wellbeing and the menstrual flow.

Since Pilly! was the first app I have ever developed, the code architecture was not so good. That's why I decided to completely redevelop the app. The result: Pilly! 2. New UX, new features and maintainable code. Btw, this was my first Swift project!

Pilly! 2

petu Early 2014

For Your Sweethearts

The administration of your pets beautiful and easy as never before. Nothing but the best for your sweethearts, with petu!

petu is the place to go for everything around your pets. Appointments, notifications, weight control, picture gallery or small notes - petu has everything you need!

The findability of redo on the App Store was not very good. The app was too general. As an indie developer, you have not the power to push the app into the market. That's why I chose another niche product for my next app petu.


redo Late 2013

Manage Repeating ToDo's

There are things you have to do frequently. So you want to do sports at least every 3 days and you want to go to the hairdresser every 4 weeks, for example. You also want to give yourself a treat and so you want to dine out with your sweetie every 2 weeks and have a massage every 1 or 2 month. Equally you have to do the laundry at least once a weak, vacuum every 4 days and take out the trash routinely.

That's quite a lot to remember, right? Because of that we have developed redo to remind you for those ordinary things. And the best thing about it is that you can do that as easy as pie!

With Pilly and DrinkMe, I have developed two products that solve problems in very specific niches. With redo I wanted to try to build a more general app.


DrinkMe Mid 2013

Drink Reminder

DrinkMe is your personal Drink Coach. He will support you by doing the most important task in your life: to drink!

DrinkMe reminds you to drink enough so that you will be more comfortable and concentrated.

After I published my first App on the App Store, I wanted to build more. I noticed that I don't drink enough water. Therefore I have developed this tool.


Pilly! Early 2013

Pill Reminder

Pilly! is your personal birth-conrtrol pill reminder. With Pilly! you can forget the oblivion.

Pilly! reminds you to ingest your pill so that you have more time to enjoy life to the full - certainly protected ;-)

In 2012 I was in the beginning of my computer science studies. I discovered my passion for programming and wanted to build a real product. My girlfriend had given me the tip that she doesn't know a good app that reminds her to take the contraceptive pill. Together with her I have developed Pilly! - my first app.

Pilly! 1

Apps I Contributed To

I've worked as a freelancer and/or employee on several apps. A selection of these are listed below.

DKM - Mein Assistent


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Mein Schiff - TUI Cruises


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App Store

SRF Meteo


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